Lead and Chromate Free coatings in Primers, Top Coats and Road Line Markings

The toxicity of Lead and Chromate in paints and coatings is alarming. Not only is it injurious to the health of the applicators but also has some hazardous effects on people who are exposed to it for longer periods of time.

At AkzoNobel Pakistan, the transition from Lead and Chromate based coatings to Lead and Chromate Free coatings started in 2008, and by January 2013, all our primer, top coat and road line marking product lines has successfully become Lead and Chromate Free. These measures were taken keeping in mind the health and safety benefits of removing these toxic elements from the product.

All products are labeled ‘No added Lead or Mercury’*

*there are chances that Lead can be present in raw materials as an impurity in parts per million or parts per billion therefore we cannot claim lead free paint.

Customers who endorse our product:

The health and safety hazards of Lead and Chromate were communicated to our customers who endorse our products. Millat Tractors Limited and Frontier Works Organization are key customers who have now started using our Lead and Chromate Free primers and top coats.

Our Lead and Chromate Free products now meet international regulations, providing additional support to our customers in marketing their products globally.