Energy Efficient and Solar Lighting System

The Operations team has commissioned Energy Efficient and Solar Powered Lighting systems at the Paints site over the past couple of years.

  • Solar Powered Lighting Systems:Two warehouses have been installed with high efficiency LED based lighting fixture powered by Solar Panel charged battery banks. A total of 42 LED lighting fixtures have been installed in these 2 warehouses and a total of 2.2KW is derived from the solar energy against these 2 projects. The systems get charged during the day and source the lights during the evening and nights and are self contained.
  • Energy Efficient Lighting:In order to reduce our footprint, the Paints business has replaced all office and perimeter lighting with highly efficient and long life Induction based lighting. These induction lights use essentially half the energy of the conventional lights they replace and are backed by a 5 years replacement warranty. They are maintenance free and highly efficient. The Paints business replaced over 500 fixtures resulting in energy conservation of over 39 KW of electricity.