Weathershield Sun Reflect

Developing sustainable technology is at the forefront of our innovation. We’re constantly striving to make breakthroughs that will offer real benefits to our customers. Our latest launch, ICI Dulux Weathershield Sun Reflect is a revolutionary exterior paint that reduces the temperature of walls by up to five degrees! Regular emulsions absorb the heat-causing infra red rays of the sun, causing the inside of the house to heat up. Dulux Weathershield on the other hand, created using SunReflect technology, has higher Solar Reflective Index (SRI)-the ability to reflect the heat-causing IR rays. Because of this technology,

Weathershield can reflect IR rays significantly more as compared to regular exterior paints. With the SunReflect technology, the interior will be considerably cooler, and that can actually lead to significant power savings on air conditioning. So not only does it keep homes cooler, it reduces energy consumption with considerable savings on air conditioning. For us, innovation begins with great insight into our customers’ needs and with Pakistan facing its worst energy crisis ever, we are happy to offer a solution.

Innovation has been the key driver behind the success of Dulux in creating the brands and initiative for sustainability.The idea was to launch an exterior paint that makes an insulating layer over the exterior surface, hence reducing the internal temperature of the building.

Dulux SunReflect was launched in March 2011.