Automotive & Specialty Coatings

For the OEM segment, Industrial Coatings® is one of our most established brand carrying with it legacy of more than three decades. Our products can be found at different stages of the production process: Pre-Treatment, Primer, Top Coat and Plastic Parts. Technologies used at various stages of production are as follows:

Pre-Treatment surface treatment technologies comprising of Degreasing, Surface Conditioning, Phosphating processes
Primer: Stoving, Epoxyester, ALM Epoxy, PU, Alkyd, Polyester
Top Coat: Alkyd stoving, NC, Polyester
Plastic Parts: PU Primer, PU Top Coat

In our drive to provide best in class technologies to our customers, we established an exclusive partnership with Nihon Parkerizing, world’s leading Japanese surface treatment solution provider.

We are also serving the refinish market through our world class brands: Sikkens®, DynaCoat® and AutoWave®.