Marine & Protective Coatings

Over the years, we have been serving the protective segment through our Coatings which includes epoxies, alkyd, PU, silicates, high heat resistance, flooring, road marking, chemical resistance lining, tank lining etc.

We are also supplying our globally recognized brand International® to our customers. International® is our flagship brand for our global product lines. We have an extensive portfolio catering to the structural protection needs such as Corrosion, Fire, Heat, Chemical, UV, Abrasion etc. The protection needs are catered by the different product lines as follows:

Interzinc: Cathodic Corrosion Protection
Chartek & Interchar: Fire Protection
Interzone: Heavy Duty Corrosion Protection
Intertherm: Heat Resistance
Interfine & Intherthane: UV Resistance
Interseal: Surface Tolerant
Ceilcote & Enviroline: Linings
Intercrete: Concrete Surfaces
Intersleek: Foul Resistant