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ICI Dulux

ICI Dulux Product

Dulux is our flagship brand that has earned its reputation based on its consistent ability to outperform both competitors and the expectations of its consumers with its product quality and innovation through cutting edge technology. Our customers are our motivation and we strive to enrich their lives in any way possible.
Our range of products included

  • ICI Dulux Pentalite Classic
  • ICI Dulux Inspire
  • ICI Dulux Light & Space
  • ICI Dulux Pentalite Emulsion
  • ICI Dulux Matt Enamel
  • ICI Dulux Gloss Enamel

ICI Dulux World of Weathershield

Exposure to the elements makes most homes and buildings lose their color swiftly and appear washed-out and old within months. With Weathershield, exterior walls look new and fresh for much longer. Our ICI Dulux World of Weathershield provides a complete system for the protection of your exterior walls from all climatic conditions with excellent durability and colour fastness.

The breakthrough technology of ICI Dulux Weathershield Sun Reflect keeps exterior walls up to 5 degrees cooler (may vary on selected shades)

The ICI Dulux World of Weathershield range comprises of the following products:

  • ICI Dulux Weathershield Sun Reflect
  • ICI Dulux Weathershield
  • ICI Dulux Weathershield Exterior System Primer
  • ICI Dulux Weathershield Exterior System Putty

ICI Dulux Woodcare System

Our ICI Dulux range also features a complete Woodcare System which provide technically advanced undercoats and topcoats that offer a beautiful and luxurious finish that helps to maintain, protect and beautify your wood.

Our Woodcare system includes the following products:

  • ICI Dulux Woodcare Woodshades
  • ICI Dulux Woodcare Sealer
  • ICI Dulux Woodcare Lacquer
  • ICI Dulux Woodcare Special Thinner

POST (Point of Sale Tinting) Service

ICI Dulux Point of Sale Tinting (POST) service offers over 2000 shades available all over Pakistan at over 100 designated dealer outlets. Simply select a color of your choice and our Post will mix it up for you instantly!

Paintex Range

Paintex is our value for money brand that caters to consumers who aspire to bring home results that offer value at its best. At AkzoNobel Pakistan we want to provide our customers with an opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life at a reasonable cost.

Our Paintex range includes products such as

  • Paintex Emulsion
  • Paintex Hi-Gloss
  • Paintex Putty
  • Paintex Ultra Prime
  • Paintex Duraguard