AkzoNobel becomes exclusive producer of coil coatings in Pakistan

November 12th, 2018

Lahore: Customers in Pakistan now have direct access to AkzoNobel’s coil coatings following the start of production in Lahore – making the company the only local manufacturer of coil coatings in the whole country.

Akzo Nobel Pakistan Limited has been supplying imported coil coatings since 2015, alongside a wide range of decorative and specialized performance products. Localizing the manufacture of coil coatings means that providing customers with premium products and services has now become easier, faster and more efficient.

“We have been working towards bringing complex technologies to Pakistan for some time,” explains Ismail Naqvi, Business Manager for AkzoNobel Performance Coatings. “Localizing the production of coil coatings will not only accelerate economic activity, but will also increase the skill set and capability of our employees. In addition, local manufacture of robust and sustainable products will increase awareness for our business among customers and future manufacturers of colour coated steel.”

Added Mr. Yousuf H. Mirza, CEO of International Steels Limited: “We are proud to collaborate with AkzoNobel Pakistan to transfer technologies to our country. We are hopeful that it will benefit every stakeholder involved and we will continue to work with our partners to bring more efficient resources to Pakistan.”

AkzoNobel Pakistan’s coil coatings business has a major share in International Steel Limited, the only producer of colour coated coil sheets in Pakistan.

Coil coating is a continuous and highly automated process for coating metal before fabrication. The products are mainly used for building components and infrastructure, as well as consumer goods such as domestic appliances.