AkzoNobel Chemicals (SMC-Private) Limited starts independent operations in Pakistan

September 4th, 2018

Lahore: AkzoNobel, the leading global Paints and Coatings Company, announced that Akzo Nobel Chemicals (SMC-Private) Limited (ANCPL) is now working as a separate legal entity in Pakistan. Operations in Pakistan as an independent entity will enable ANCPL to capture the market share and generate value for its customers at a superior and faster rate, with substantially fewer risks, uncertainties and social costs in comparison to its previous status.

The Board of Directors of Akzo Nobel Chemicals (SMC-Private) Limited is comprised of three members - Mr. Jehanzeb Khan (Non-Executive Director), Mr. Bart Kaster (Non- Executive Director) and Mr. David Evans (Executive Director).

The newly appointed General Manager, Mr. M.M Zainul Abideen looks at the transfer of the chemicals business from Akzo Nobel Pakistan Limited as an exciting opportunity to grow in the dynamic market of Pakistan, “We believe that we have the right professional expertise, significant industry experience as well as a proven track record of innovation and sustainability to look forward to a promising future,” said Zainul Abideen.

ANCPL, as an independent entity will be able to introduce a broader range of products and services in Pakistan, while catering to its current market demands, and offering its customers the best possible solutions to their Specialty Chemicals' needs.